The program from the Business Science Institute received the prestigious international accreditation in December 2020 for a period of 3 years. A significant recognition for this program of doctoral students/managers, organized in partnership with iaelyon since 2014.

An international network-based academic organization created in 2012-2013, the Business Science Institute is unique in that it focuses on providing doctoral education for managers in practice by offering an Executive DBA. The BSI is now listed as one of the 11 schools and universities accredited by AMBA for their DBA program. A second international recognition for this program in 2020, since it was ranked 4th in the world and 2nd for learning innovation by the Dubai DBA ranking in October last year.

An innovative program for managers which wish to create and publish knowledge

The Executive DBA is aimed at managers, at business owners and at consultants that have built up experiences on the highest level in the business world, who wish to both create and publish knowledge. The Executive DBA differs from a traditional doctorate in that is more of a hands-on, pragmatic experience which still retains the necessary intellectual standards. It puts an emphasis on the « executive program » by the integration of theory management and practice into the business.

‘”The program of the Business Science Institute is the only DBA to have created a collection of work  written by teachers and doctors”, says Michel Kalika, President of the Business Science Institute  and Professor Emeritus at iaelyon School of Management.

200 doctoral students/managers coming from 43 countries

The program is organized face-to-face and by distance in French, English and German. It currently counts up to 200 doctoral students/managers coming from 43 different countries. Groups have been organized in Europe, in Africa, and in Asia, most recently in Shanghai where the group is piloted by Kiane Goudarzi, Professor at iaelyon.

A university diploma delivered by iaelyon

Since the end of 2014, a diploma-issuing partnership was established with iaelyon School of Management, coordinated by Marie-Christine Chalus-Sauvannet. A dozen of teachers at iaelyon are involved in the DBA.

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