EPAS accredited programs

Master‘s programme in International Marketing Management (MIMM) – School of Business and Management, Lappeenranta University of Technology (Finland)

Master’s programme in International Marketing Management (MIMM) leads to the degree of Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration (120 ECTS credits, two years). In the programme students will acquire an in-depth knowledge and understanding of international business strategy processes of all types of firms and be able to outline the current challenges in international marketing and possess skills to propose solutions to them.

Courses in the programme focus on strategic marketing, internationalisation of the firm and technology management and digitalisation, as well as on topics such as marketing of high tech innovations, international entrepreneurship and international business strategies. MIMM programme graduates have found positions in marketing, international business, product development, sales, logistics, international service business, consulting, and market research in companies like Nokia, Google, or Navteq.

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Master’s Degree Programme in International Business, University of Vaasa Finland

People working in international positions need a diverse range of competences. Master’s Degree Programme in International Business responds to this need by offering students a possibility to develop knowledge in three key areas of international business: international management, international marketing management and international human resource management. The programme’s teaching is based on high-quality and internationally recognized research groups and professors, who will support students learning in multicultural teams using the latest learning methods. Students will gain insights into business practices through guest lectures, actual business cases and our mentoring programme. MIB graduates have found positions in marketing & sales, logistics, general management and human resource management both in MNEs and SMEs in different industries.  Students  will graduate with a Master of Science degree in Economics and Business Administration.

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Master’s in International Business , Central European Business Realities – VSE Prague, University of Economics (Czech Republic)

International Business – Central European Business Realities is a two-year (four semesters) full-time Master’s Program that was established to address the specificities and characteristics of the Central European business environment within the framework of the increasing trends of globalization. It provides students with a comprehensive business education in the main fields of economics, management, finance, marketing and negotiations. Students are offered the possibility to fulfil part of their study obligations at the University of Lyon Business & Management School (France), or at theUniversity of Applied Science in Mainz (Germany), or at Management Center Innsbruck(Austria), or at the International University Geneva (Switzerland), or at the SGH Warsaw(Poland), or at Linnæus University (Sweden), and to obtain graduate degrees (a double degree) from both the Czech and the host universities.

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Master’s in International Business Management – Sheffield Business School, Sheffield Hallam University (UK)

The MSc International Business is a flagship course in International Business at Sheffield Business School, helping create employable and business-prepared Masters students for over 18 years. The course enjoys established links with a wide range of regional and international businesses which provide students with access to real life business experience whilst developing their contemporary academic knowledge. The course allows students to develop a proficient level of expertise across a range of international business functions as well as ethical and responsible management and leadership skills required to develop a successful career in this field. Students are also able to engage with the wider Postgraduate Community at Sheffield Business School which celebrates a multi-cultural and internationally diverse student profile.

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Master’s in International Business, RISEBA University of Business, Arts and Technology (Latvia)

RISEBA Master programme in International Business offers ideal opportunities for ambitious candidates with an international leader’s mindset who are ready to pursue and seize the challenges of the global business environment. This programme is primarily focused on developing students’ abilities to think critically, apply creative approaches, solve sophisticated problems, identify competitive opportunities and generate diligent decisions, thus enabling the students to persevere, advance and breakthrough in the fast-changing and unpredictable global business environment.

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Master’s in International Management, iaelyon School of Management, University Jean Moulin Lyon (France)

The growing globalization of markets triggers new challenges for businesses, making it crucial to educate future managers capable of facing them. The EPAS accredited Master‘s in International Management aims to enlighten students on international challenges by providing them with a global and cross-cutting vision on various management situations within a multicultural context.The Master’s allows students to understand the international environment through its economic, legal, financial, geopolitical aspects but also to comprehend the reality of businesses coping with new challenges that are both organizational and intercultural. The program focuses both on multinational firms and on small and medium-sized companies by looking into all the dimensions related to their internationalization. The international profile of students (from all horizons), of faculty and of practitioners guarantees the variety and the richness of teaching.

The first year of Master’s inInternational Management is split into two paths:

  • International Affairs (partly taught in English during the 2nd semester)
  • International Business Realities (fully taught in English)

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The Master’s degree in International Business Engineering (MIBE), IAE Montpellier (France)

The Master’s degree in International Business Engineering (MIBE) is a two-year program which is entirely taught in English. It has been specifically designed for students who wish to acquire a dual competence in international business. The first year enables students to acquire knowledge and skills in core business and management disciplines taking an international focus. The curriculum includes one semester of common-core courses, such as marketing, human resources management and finance. The first year of the program prepares students with no prior experience with major international businesses.

The third semester is essential to the MIBE experience. Students will spend one semester in one of our partner universities and acquire specific knowledge about the country of their choice. The final semester is devoted to courses at IAE that enable students to delve deeply into one of two specific areas of business: international sales and purchase. The elective courses in sales or purchasing provide students with specific skills needed for entry-level positions and careers in sales and/or purchasing. This knowledge is combined with a six months internship which has to be completed abroad along with a Master thesis.

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Master’s in International Management, Toulouse School of Management  (France)

The Master in International Management is a full-time degree over two years, entirely taught in English and designed for International and French university graduates. It is highly selective and targets students with a strong motivation to work in an international environment and ready to develop the competences needed by globally operating companies.

The Master offers high quality teaching from internationally renowned professors, a truly multicultural work environment with students coming from all over the world, and close relationships with the business world thanks to strong partnerships. Students joining the programme will have to opportunity to do a double-degree with the College of Management of Mahidol University (Bangkok, Thailand) or with KU Leuven (Brussels, Belgium).

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Master’s in International Marketing, School of Business, Society and Engineering, Mälardalen University (Sweden)

In today’s globalised world we have to consider that few – if any – companies are purely local or even national, and we cannot disregard the impact of foreign competitors and markets. International trade could be a way of creating wealth in developing countries, as well as reducing tension by creating a win-win situation for those involved. But marketing is just a tool; it is the user who decides what it is to be used for. To make this choice, your need an understanding of the surrounding organisation as well as what international marketing is, how it can be used, and how it impacts on the society.

The International Marketing programme provides you not only with theoretical knowledge of international marketing and business but also helps develop the skills needed for successful collaboration within and between multinational groups. It also provides you with an understanding of management and strategy of international business, as well as different kinds of marketing.  The programme is designed to increase your knowledge and skills through reading, discussing, searching for information and making analyses, as well as to prepare you for work in an international environment.

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