About the MIB EPAS Consortium

Launched in June 2015, the MIB-EPAS Consortium is an elite network of European partners with a Master’s Program accredited EPAS by the EFMD in the field of International Business. Within a general framework of international development qualification processes, the Consortium contributes to the overall enhancement of the recognition of the EPAS accreditation.

The MIB EPAS Consortium’s main objectives are to:

  • Develop student mobility opportunities between member institutions and establish multiparty degrees in the field of International Management,
  • Build on the activities of the iaelyon Cross Disciplinary Research Team “International Management” and foster international cooperation in particular in the field of doctoral studies,
  • Promote opportunities of incoming and outgoing academic mobility,
  • Establish a network of career services in order to contribute to the development of international internship and employability opportunities,
  • Facilitate the overall exchange of information and good practices between member institutions.