iaelyon School of Management

The International Management Research team focuses on:

  • International environment of organizations
  • Dynamic processes of internationalization of start-ups, SMEs and large groups
  • Management and performance of co-operations, mergers-acquisitions and international networks
  • Management of the relationships between the headquarters and subsidiaries in multinational companies
  • Coordination of activities in the global value chain
  • Intercultural management and cooperation
School of Business and Management, Lappeenranta University of Technology

The strategic research areas of the School of Business and Management are:

  • Innovation and sustainable value creation
  • SME’s and international entrepreneurship
  • Business analytics and decision-making and Digitalization of businesses.

In international business (IB) research domain our key objective is to establish a comprehensive understanding of the key processes for international business, marketing and entrepreneurship in organisations and of methods for influencing these processes in a way that will support sustainable value creation in companies. According to a report published in 2014, the LUT’s research in International Entrepreneurship is among the world’s best. Our IB faculty has published in journals such as Journal of World Business, International Business Review, Management International Review, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of International Marketing, International Marketing Review and Technovation.

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School of Business, Society and Engineering, Mälardalen University
  • Strategy and International Management
  • Digitalization and Business Relationships in Global Firms
  • Orchestrating Innovation in Global Value Chains
  • Headquarters – Subsidiary Relations
  • Contemporary Issues in Consumer Marketing
  • New Management Practices
  • Service Science and Sustainability


University of Economics, VSE Prague

Research Priorities

Department of International Business                                            

  • FX exposures´ management, hedging strategies and its effectiveness, exchange rate theories and forecasting, international trade flows and its determination
  • International new ventures and born global
  • Country of origin effect and its impact on marketing strategies
  • Comparative advertising
  • Financial derivatives
  • Specific use of financial derivatives in agriculture
  • Export tariffs
  • Relations between the European Union and Latin America, International Trade and Latin America, The middle class in the current Latin American economy
  • Trade and Gender
  • Analysis and Measurement of Competitiveness
  • Trade attractiveness factors
  • Venture capital/ private equity and financial markets
  • Family economics, Family businesses
  • Socio-Economic impact of the Work of the Home