The MIB-EPAS Consortium Launched in June 2015, the MIB-EPAS Consortium is an elite network of European partners with a Master’s Program accredited EPAS in the field of International Business. Within a general framework of international development qualification processes, the Consortium contributes to the overall enhancement of the recognition of the EPAS accreditation.

Coming events

> 6th- 7th April 2017 : Round Table on Borderline Products
> 17th- 20th May 2017 : Forum Heracles
>18-19 May, 2017 : Conference on SEAM (Socio Economic Approach to Management)
> 26th May 2017:17th International Joint Conference
> 1st - 2nd June 2017: Fachsprache Wirtschaft - linguistische und didaktische Aspekte (Conference in German)
> 6th June 2017 : Day of the "Decisions and Organization" Team
> 7th - 9th June 2017 : AIMS Conference
> 15th- 16th June, 2017 : 2016 IAE France Congress hosted at iaelyon
> 22nd June- 23rd June 2017: 15th conference of the International Institute of Costs & 4th transatlantic conference of accounting, auditing, financial control and cost control

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