On June 6th, 2017 the EPAS accreditation, EFMD Programme Accreditation System has been renewed for iaelyon Master’s in International Management for five years which is the maximum possible period. iaelyon thus enhanced the recognition of the EFMD for its Master’s since 2008.

The Master’s in International Management: 5 paths

The Master’s in International Management is one of iaelyon thirteen Masters’. This degree educates management experts in taking actions and making decisions in an international context.  It offers 5 paths: Foreign Trade, International Activities Management, European Affairs Manager, International Business Realities (fully taught in English) and an individualized program (international tailored program).

Core faculty’s activities within the International Management Team of iaelyon Magellan Research Center nurture the courses which integrate the latest findings in International Business.

The Master’s in International Management is organized over two years with two tracks (in English or in French) in the first year. It educates 200 graduates per year, of whom 30% are international students. The international dimension of the Master’s is enhanced by the diversity of student and faculty profiles and the international content of courses and case studies.

Academic partnerships developed with VSE Prague University (EQUIS and EPAS accredited), the University of Torino, Bamberg University, Tamkang University (Taiwan) and the University of Bilbao allow students to prepare double degrees. This program is also offered in Canton in partnership with Sun Yat Sen University, in Casablanca and Tanger with HEM Business School, in Abidjan with Félix-Houphouët-Boigny University and in Burkina Faso with the University of Ouagadougou.

This accreditation confirms the international perspective of the degree and the careers it trains for, a balance between academic rigor and professional dimension within the program and the quality of student and course levels.  The Peer Reviewers particularly highlighted iaelyon agility and project development culture in a French Public University context as well as the wealth of socio-economic partnerships that the School of Management develops on its territories.

Recognition of degree stakeholders

The accreditation process includes the completion of a self-assessment report and an audit involving interviews of more than seventy stakeholders in two days: management team, faculty, students, business partners, support services (careers and corporate relations, international, quality, communication). As part of continuous improvement, this process helps identify areas of progress in order to become “better every day” at implementing activities and conducting projects related to the program.

The renewal of the EPAS accreditation reinforces the choice of companies to hire iaelyon graduates, promotes alumni and increases the attractiveness of the degree both on a national and an international level. Internally this process is a leverage for change for the whole iaelyon, beyond the single accredited Master’s.

This recognition strengthens iaelyon development objectives to keep extending its influence and rank among internationally recognized Schools of Management both at national and international level.  

An international quality accreditation awarded by EFMD and shared with a hundred programs throughout the world. 

EPAS is an international quality accreditation system of EFMD, the Management Development Network. As an organization whose action is recognized throughout the international Higher Education world, EFMD plays a key part in the approach to Higher Education in Business and Management by working on the development of high-quality international standards.

The EPAS accreditation is the international assessment for Management degrees which guarantees that their content and delivery are in line with the highest international standards. EFMD is one of the two main world accreditation organizations for Schools of Management and Corporate Universities. To date EFMD has around 900 members in 86 countries; 172 Schools of Management are EQUIS accredited throughout the world and 120 degrees from 76 Schools of Management are EPAS accredited. 

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